Making Your Routine Work for You

I have a confession to make: I am pretty lazy with my morning routine. Sure, I get the basics accomplished. I wash my face as often as I can manage and I always brush my teeth, twice-a-day. I do not want to be unhealthy or lazy to a degree that I am not hygienic!

Lately, I have been researching how to make morning routines more efficient. I thought that if I could make washing my face, eating breakfast, and brushing my teeth more efficient, I would always be inclined to accomplish these tasks. An added benefit is that I now have more time! Here are some of the most common tools used by people to make their routine a better fit within their schedule:

The Most Important Meal

I found that many people who are concerned about the efficiency of their routines replace their breakfast with meal replacement bars. The products can be purchased in bulk and contain all of the essential vitamins, minerals, and calories a person needs for their first (and most important) meal of the day.

Clean Face, Clean Life

Finding information on what people do to cut down on the products and time that they use for face-washing was difficult. Obviously, there is no way to get around the time it takes to wash your face with warm water and a cleanser.

However, there are combination tools like moisturizers with sunscreen in them that free people from needing to apply multiple products. Additionally, face wipes can be used as a time-saving tool for late nights when getting out of bed to wash your face seems impossible. However, it is not as cleanly as actually washing your face, so only use this tool sparingly.

Brush to Judgment

Walking around the toothbrush aisle can be intimidating because there are so many options. But if you are looking for the dental care options that can lead your routine to be efficient, your options are thankfully narrowed.

Powered brushes are better for your dental health and require less energy to be exerted. Most people mistake good brushing practices with strong, forceful brushing. Instead of following recommended tactics that dental practices like Babylon Dental Care suggest, many consumers press too firmly on their teeth and gums.

Powered brushes with softer heads make damaging your teeth like less likely. But they are also more efficient. The efficiency is derived from being able to clean your teeth better in a shorter amount of time. Similarly, water flossers are another product that people use to shorten their daily routine.

Products like water flossers, meal replacement bars, powered toothbrushes, face wipes, and any other tools are a worthwhile investment to make. Look at your own personal needs to determine what products can be used to optimize your routine.

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