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Dogs have become a very important part of families all across the United States. They not only serve as guard dogs, nowadays they are treated as part of the family. And being part of the family, it is also important to have them properly trained. However, not many people understand the importance of having to train your dog, and often this leads to a number of problems, the most dangerous one being that the dog will become aggressive and hurt somebody.

Neglecting to give time and effort to train your dog, as well as educate yourself, can lead to an unhappy dog. There are many tutorials and helpful information online that can help with dog training. According to Walk! ATX, having a ‘dog friendly’ training is among the most effective way to train your dog. A ‘dog friendly’ training means that positive dog behaviours are encouraged through a reward system and the negative or bad behaviours are prevented or ignored. It is not advised to use force or intimidation when training your dog because it can only lead to physical, emotional, or mental pain. In order to make an effective dog training, you as the dog owner must educate yourself about the necessary methodology and principles that can help you with teaching your dog of your desired behaviours.

Reward-based dog training will be very enjoyable for your dog because their positive behaviours are reinforced. Likewise, they will learn to completely trust you and listen to your orders. However, it is highly recommended to avoid punishing your dog when they exhibit a negative or bad behaviour because it can only cause the problem to worsen. It would be best to ignore or prevent it before it becomes your dog’s habit. Often, dog training should be one earlier when they are still puppies. However, older dogs can still be taught good dog behaviours through patience and dedication.

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