Employment Law

The state of Texas has laws in place to prevent discrimination in the workplace. There are many ways that workplace discrimination can be exhibited, and if you believe that you are a victim of workplace discrimination, then according to Texas employment law, you can file a discrimination complaint to the Civil Rights Division of TWC. Being denied equal pay is just one of the many forms of workplace discrimination that the Melton Law Firm has helped workers deal with in the office.

Very worker has the right to appropriate pay equal to their skills and abilities. Equal pay laws ensure that workers will be paid equally regardless of their age, gender, race, nationality, disability. Equal pay claims are put in place to ensure that every worker’s pay is equal to their counterparts and that this pay is a suitable compensation for their work. According to the Texas Government Code Section 659.001, the Texas Equal Pay Act ensures that women who are employed in the state of Texas should receive the same salaries as men do when both are doing the same quality, grade, type, kind of service. For a long time, women have been victims of pay discriminations in the state of Texas. The Equal Pay Act hopes to prevent such discriminations from happening in the workplace and ensures that both genders receive equal pay that amounts to their work.

There may still be companies that will not provide equal pay. When this happens, the employee can file a claim against the company through the Equal Pay Act. However, with so many laws in order that protects every worker in the state of Texas, employees can now rest easy that they will have the salary that they deserve, along with the peace of mind that they can provide and take care of their families properly through their living.

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