How To Deal With Psychological Abuse In Nursing Homes?

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How To Deal With Psychological Abuse In Nursing Homes?

Hundreds of thousands of people get admitted to nursing homes every year in the US, hoping they would get better treatment there. Unfortunately, in many cases, these patients have to face mental and psychological abuse. Regardless of whether you have faced such a situation before or not, it’s important to be aware of various psychological abusive remarks that are punishable by law. This way, you can help your loved ones and others around you in fighting against the corrupt nursing home staff.

Dealing With Psychological Abuse:

It’s a common practice by many nursing homes across the country to emotionally and psychologically abuse their patients, especially those who are old, suffering from dementia, or any other cognitive health issues. Unfortunately, most of these acts aren’t found out for many years; hence, the abusers get away easily. Don’t let the same thing happen with any of your loved ones. If you have admitted your parents or someone else in a nursing home and come to know that they have been emotionally or psychologically abused, then pursue this matter legally with the help of

If your case is strong and the lawyer you have hired can prove the nursing home staff guilty, then you can receive compensation for all the hardships that the patient had to go through. Some common examples of emotional or psychological abuse include:

  1. Insulting, name-calling, or mocking by the nursing home staff
  2. Forcefully isolating patients from their friends and family members
  3. Not letting patients use the telephone or other mediums for communication
  4. Yelling at patients
  5. Threatening, shaming, and humiliating patients 
  6. Ignoring patients’ concerns and refusing to provide them assistance

You must talk clearly with your family members or loved ones about their routine and overall experience at the nursing home during the entire tenure when they had to be there. They may not be aware of the emotional abuse done by the staff, but you can handle this matter properly with the help of a lawyer and make the nursing home pay for its mistake. So, keep these points in mind and take necessary actions without wasting any time.

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