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Scarring can be a serious part of an injury, and the severity can lead to a personal injury claim. If you talk with your personal injury attorney, you will find out that scarring can be a strong basis for an injury claim, and that there are factors that can make the compensation bigger. The placement of the scar along with its severity can affect the value of the personal injury. Scars of the face can give more compensation, while other areas of the body may not be as valuable. What makes scarring a strong personal injury claim is if it leaves a long-lasting effect in your life.

Also known as residual effect, the severity of the scarring can affect many aspects of your life – work, home, and even recreation – making the claim more valuable. Severe scarring and disfigurement often lead to emotional and physical issues. The loss of mobility and enjoyment in life can lead a justifiable request for higher amount of damages. Often, women can ask for higher damages because of stubborn sexism still present in society. Societal prejudice in today’s times can still greatly impact the judgment of settlement by the insurance adjusters.

In order to prove that validity of a personal injury claim due to scarring and disfigurement, you first have to get and present a medical opinion regarding the cost of removing or repairing the scar. A testimony from a plastic surgeon regarding the amount necessary to fix the scar can be more than helpful. Including the cost of the procedure to remove the scar can dramatically increase the amount of compensation. Make sure to add the costs of the procedure (as determined by your plastic surgeon) in the demand letter that you send to the insurance company. Additionally, make sure that the scarring injury is properly documented to show the long-term effects of the injury. Ask about the residual effect of the injury with your doctor in order to have the supporting document about its permanent effects. To learn more about the possibility of permanent problems, consult with your physician and injury attorney by clicking here to help raise the chances of an injury settlement negotiation.

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